Practical survival tips

Among the many impacts of the CV-crisis, the (highly probable) cover-up of the destructive impacts of 5G by the coronavirus “plannedemic” is the most relevant.

The most important an short videos:

5G will be Genocide 

Trump’s Race to 5G

So: avoid 5G, disrupt its implementation by democratic means, avoid ” ill-treatment


The main problem will be: food!

18 Pflanzen, die man von Küchenabfällen nachwachsen lassen kann


April, 3:

States Ban Sales of Seeds – Meat Packers Closed – Food Shutdown

#survivalgardeningcrops #globalfoodshortages #cropsyoumustgrow

6 Top Survival Gardening Crops ~~Global Food Shortages? ~~ Crops You MUST Grow!

Survival Gardening – Top 5 Vegetables to grow in your garden in an apocalypse

How To Regrow Everything


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