Spirit – Science – Society: Sources versus sorcerers

August, 23, 2021:

Fred Corbin, Barbados. He has ⁣leaked Pfizer jab documents & Wuhan labs “deleted” database! Vital information that shows, once again, that this is indeed a PLANdemic…

Another (yet obviously fake) source, but perhaps this will lead people to do their research:

How Long Do the Vaccinated Have to Live? – henrymakow.com

July, 2021:

Interview in English about graphene oxide, very important source:



Ehemaliger Pfizer-Mitarbeiter bestätigt: Ja, es gibt Graphenoxid im “Corona-Impfstoff” und das ist der Grund | uncut-news.ch (uncutnews.ch)

In German:

STEW: Deadly Shots (deutsch): Ehemaliger Pfizer-Mitarbeiter bestätigt Toxin im COVID-‘Impfstoff’‼️ (odysee.com)

Interview in English with prof. Sucharit Bhakdi on C-vaccinations, May 2021:

COVID-Spritzen zur “Dezimierung der Weltbevölkerung”, warnt Dr. Bhakdi | uncut-news.ch (uncutnews.ch)

German investigativ journalist:


Paul Schreyer: Pandemic simulation games – Preparation for a new era?

The Great Reset or pharma- and digital fascism?

Written in spring 2020:

Our major interest is to explore what could be behind the CV issue / pandemic in order to be prepared for the future events.

The leading axiom is: Governments are lying. This is recorded in endless cases. So we have to add alternative information, to scratch the surface and to get access to multiple possible explanations.

The most important thesis : The corona crisis is pushing forward the NWO agenda, it is either a test run or the trigger for a major global reset. Some believe that in the end the world will be a better place, others assume that there will be nothing to envy.

Generally, pessimists tend to diminish the good vibes we need for the survival in hard time. But it is wiser first to know the enemy (the problem), then to act according to the assessment of our own and the enemy’s forces.

So here are important videos and infopaintings. Don’t be afraid of contagious “false information”, trust your ability to tolerate various standpoints and arguments.

Nevertheless, let us start with an official source, 51 pages of UN agenda:


Summarized, it is this:


CV schemes

90431266_129205098652124_6251895112071118848_n (1)

David Icke is still the greatest. I listened to his predictions of a “Hunger games society” while walking over the Korean hills in 2014, the impacts of technocracy, the psy-op pandemic. This seemed quite unrealistic, now it is unfolding:



There are many plans in the past which indicate to the current events:

Gates 2019, Soros 2015, Rockefeller 2010.

All videos by Spiro are good, this one about Rockefeller 2010:

Rockefeller Blue Print For Police State Triggered By Pandemic Exposed

Spiro: CV could have started long ago. COVID-1984: A Global 9/11

Very good video about 5G:  5G and the killer frequency

Subthesis: Meltdown of the Financial System.


Subthesis: It is for digital money and the rest of the NWO-agenda:

“In this report, Spiro Skouras recaps the events leading up to the current global coronavirus outbreak, while looking ahead at the looming financial crisis and how the virus will likely be blamed, providing cover for the crimes committed by the central bankers. Spiro also analyzes the potential outcomes of the current situation, which includes a major step towards a cashless society and global governance, as the current crisis seems to be playing right into the hands of the Central Bankers and the the United Nations.”

Cash is dead

The bigger context of transhumanism. Very good fundamental video by a Canadian journalist:

They hate us

Virus-app in China and later everywhere:

Killer App

Denmark and the Mark of the Beast


Explanation of this picture: The real NWO will be pushed forward by the seemingly “good” patriotic regimes:

Hegel und CV


87763471_1039288633111497_6670047690581082112_o (1)

They are pushing forward the digital transformation, transhumanism, the digital dictatorship>

Coronavirus Mutates and Replicates with 5G Lowering Immunity, Killing Human Beings as AI Systems Collaborates with Smart Phones, IoT and 5G Towers

So don’t trust the vaccination agenda>

The vaccine is the bio weapon






Written in 2017, still valid:


It is time to connect the dots. All people on Earth who share the thirst for truth, sooner or later come to the same conclusions. This is an uplifting discovery. The name “alethocracy” was unknown to Google prior to the creation of this blog. It means rule of truth.  “Spirit – Science – Society” means: all is one, has to be explored with the same methods and depth. Logical reasoning helps to single out the most significant questions and facts which urge us to act. We are motivated by the quest of an appropriate model of society which we want to live in after we will have replaced the system which is not only bad but is at total war against us all and the rest of creation. So it is a rather good moment to wake up. The purpose of this blog is to give easy access to a rich amount of important sources which enable you to check the current state of our reality. “Quelle” means source. “Sources vs sorcerers” means: this holistic scientific approach frees us from manipulation. 

Check also the Infopaintings, the G8 videos and the German and Russian sections. 

In short: 1) Inform yourself 2) detoxicate body and mind 3) find like-minded 4) educate children

Overview on one page:

Top 18 of the most shocking revelations to be easily found in the free media


MEDIA: the most inspiring sources

3 fundamental articles with top links. I tried to reduce overlapping to a minimum and write them as entertaining as possible. Goethe said: Truth should be repeated again and again, because error too is preached around us all the time.

1_Inspiring Internet sources_centered around spirit science society and 911____84 pages

2_Reality check_Guidelines for the use of Internet sources and brain cells about five big questions of our time_49 pages

Is resistance useless


1b unprocessed food

But also use mainstream sources because often they tell us the relevant things into our face. So the mainstream people at least don’t have the excuse of saying: “This is from your conspirological sources”. The German historian Wolfgang Eggert relies in his precious work almost entirely on mainstream sources. A big reason to learn German is to read his books. Short interview in English: DEMOCRATIC IDEOLOGY Eggert


In Russia, the term bioethics is a synonym for veganism. It is a good idea to create new terms when it comes to spreading new insights: at least a few more moments can be spent on defining the whatabouts before the new germ gets buried by the avalanche of opinions, common reasoning and social pressure excuses and distractions. Nothing is more frustrating than to spread vegan awareness among adults because it seems so perfectly obvious (video “Earthlings”) and yet 99% will walk by the misery of the animals. So don’t worry, dear reader, my approach here is a scientific one. I am just curious how such failure works and can be explained technically. And it is part of the ancient quest for a logical, universal foundation of a good conduct of life. For this purpose, veganism is a topic which spreads into all other topics. Let us start with looking at this touchy picture:


Some say yes, some say no. But we are more interested in the logical skeleton of this quote:   If A, then B. If C, then D.

With A: We don’t need to use animals to stay healthy. (Veganism excludes all animal products which Tolstoy did not talk about here but it fits the spirit of this quote.)

B: Using them for appetite is immoral.

C: B is highly significant.

D: It is mandatory for my behavior.

All what is left is to prove or disprove the two IF relations. That is what science is all about: THESIS > PROOF. If there is a thesis, then prove or disprove it. People who don’t do this, can be wonderful people but do not act on the grounds of a higher education which requires the basics of scientific thought. So any “dialogue” is senseless.

A good method to gain new insights is to temporarily fully take the other side. Like trusting another person even without being sure as to his trustworthiness. Later you will have all the time and pleasure to falsify it or him. This is the only chance to avoid pre-selection. Audiatur et altera pars. Let us listen to the other side.

Two record holders in both brevity & plenty of valid information:

Speech of Philipp Wollen, 10 minutes and 14 seconds. 18 languages in the subtitles. “Animals should be off the menu debate”. Part of a fair debate, a true dialogue, conducted in 2012 in Australia. 


The transcript, 2 pages: Animals should be off the table

The shortest and yet most informative booklet I  found, 10 minutes reading time. The author asks to download it from her website. I offer it directly here because  three minutes you have to invest more can cost many lives: 4_30_Vegan_Answers_To_Common_Questions_And_Objections_

After not short, but very long research my conclusions are>

why vegan

Now, this almost miraculous synergy of arguments pro bioethics is a main reason why it does NOT convince people to stop their animal abuse. (In the mind of those who DID NOT STUDY this issue thoroughly enough.) It is the common sense logic: When you jump into the water, you can swim which is good, but you get also wet which is bad. This all sounds like swimming without getting wet. We all know these win/win- promises. So here we have a win/win/win/win/win-outcome????? No way. This total benefit smells much like….totalitarian style. Yes!! Here we go, veganism is totalitarian, hence this harsh moral arguing, this black/white choice, this calling us murderers. Politically informed people may even say: it is another trick to bring us into the NEW WORLD ORDER, to make us sheep ourselves!!

Upon these I say: Reasoning is silver, acknowledging facts is gold. Please start with the these>proof approach.

One of the simple rebuttals is: it is actually easy to stay healthy and happy even without the vegan diet. Intermittent fasting s a key stone. Dr. Berg is no vegan at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10jNZleNH9w

And yes, surely the NWO/ the shadowy forces use ANY good idea and hijack every noble movement for their own purposes. Below, there is a perfect article of such record on the new age movement (by David Livingstone). But as a calf, do you prefer to be tortured and murdered by highly educated and critically thinking people or not to be tortured and murdered by people who are too naive not to see that their idealism is being abused by sinister forces?

In other words, it is you, not the vegans, who are totalitarian, when you prefer to avoid to say 2+2=4 because some very ugly people (Hollywood satanic celebrities) say the same and when you prefer to say 2+2 = 5 because it seems much more logical. This is the logic of social pressure.

It is helpful to listen to people who not only can imagine to be in the position of an animal but directly talk to him/her, not “it”. Enjoy this documentary about animal communication:

Then I would like you to think about the Golden Rule. Humans walk the Earth quite a long time but did not reach yet clarity about how to behave properly.

Golden Rule

In order to make an encounter of conscious beings an exchange of ideas, it is worth considering how to handle facts we don’t like:


A possible debate on the question above could look like this:

2_GR answer

3_Animal slavery

4_Three concepts

Ahimsan: from an interview with PW> “I have observed that our detractors have hijacked the word “vegan” and use it as a sneering term of abuse. In fact, I covered the issue of hijacked language in a lecture in India. In my opinion, the most beautiful word ever written, in any country, in any language, at any time, came from India, from the Upanishads, 5,000 years ago. “Ahimsa. …non-violence to any living being”. I love this word and I want it to become a truly global phenomenon.
So I don’t see myself simply as vegan, Australian, male, or whatever arbitrary label others put on me. I am “Ahimsan”. An overarching noun which best captures most of my beliefs. I reject violence, not just in what I eat and wear. But I also (try to) do so in what I say, and what I think. We may be American, Indian, Australian, German, English, or Palestinian. We may be Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain or Jew (or no religion at all). But if we are to live a truly authentic life we can easily share common ground – without sacrificing our other beliefs. That beautiful meeting place is “Ahimsa”. Because it describes our character. Period. It says we oppose violence in everything we do.
I casually mentioned this term in conversation with the remarkable Member of Parliament, Mrs Maneka Gandhi. She remarked. “Well, one day the world will see Ahimsans as educated, enlightened and elegant people”.”

Good article in a kind tone: https://www.bustle.com/articles/142827-7-things-about-going-vegan-that-have-really-surprised-me


Talk about animal rights and the left

Short version> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUTpsn5N6vc
Kymlicka points at the core errors of the left approach.
A 2014 speech> From min 6> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMtwbur0ylo

Animal rights and the “new right”

In addition to Will Kymlicka’s criticism of the political left for their ignorance of the animal rights issue I want to shed a light on the political right. Kymlicka defines the left as those who care for social justice and fight discrimination. Therefore, it is this group in which the animals could have the biggest hope, since the other people have less idealism and altruism. For various reasons, however, the political left sacrifices the animal issue despite the logical inconsistency with their own approach to help the oppressed. I would add two things> 1) Left and right is perversed in today’s Orwellian newspeech. Most of the left are not critics but supporters of the system. Most of those called right would be better defined as left in the traditional understanding of challenging the rich and powerful, of unveiling the lies of the system. 2) Still, since we have to understand that we are at war (1% against the rest), most of the politically awakened people see in the ahimsa plead towards all living beings a rather weakening factor in the battle. This is actually one atrocity of war> that it allows to justify anything. We have to understand that animal liberation is the basis of all other liberation. The investigation of 9/11 or the other US false flags or the entire hidden history of the empires taught us that we have to accept the facts even if we don’t like them. The same with veganism. First study the facts, then judge.

Philip Wollen speaks about 600 mio. vegetarians. And those who are politically awakened through the free media could be the same size. Good people of all countries, unite!


Left: the bad pyramidal structure, right: the good one.

Click here: Religion and veganism

A soft transition to the other topics below, including my first song in English on 4 pages, added end of 2017


Best of health advices in English on one page: Eine Seite Gesundheit_english

The system uses the “look away” bribing of people. A funny illustration from Brazil: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uporotoevideo/permalink/1937906402899879/

How bad food habits are linked to the ruling 1% kakistocracy:

12 Little Known Facts About Coffee


In January/February 2017 I asked friends and relatives from Russia and Germany identical questions. The answers are quite different. Even Tyoma came up with his statement.

1_Interview with mathematician Aleksey Malashin_ 8 pages

2_Interview with architect Florian Schwarthoff_The Germans like to be frightened_3 pages

3_Five short interviews in Peresvet and Erlangen_ 4 pages



From 2014 to 2018 I was lucky to conduct eight classes in Korea without any censorship. The land of the free! Incredible experience. Three courses: “Understanding of Globalization”, “Politics, culture, and religion of the Middle East”, “International Manners and protocols. Capitalism and human nature”. And a few lessons in November, 2016.

The Triple O

While exploring the global system, we have to ask how we can call it and notice the What/Who – duality. 

capitalism or not


From the Globalization class in 2018:

Understanding of Charlie Chaplin

93 slides PPT: Introduction into GEOPOLITICS_new

Link list for the lesson about Geopolitics

Questions and answers to the lesson about geopolitics in week 46

Other authors:

About the hijacking of esoterics: Livingstone – Black Terror White Soldiers


The Jesuit connection of the 13 bloodlines thesis: The real 13 bloodlines_Welfen

Slideshow “Introduction into the Middle East”: Introduction_new_v2

Religion and freedom_Are you religious_A short answer_2 pages

Logic and origin of Satanism 2 pages

PPT of a lecture on Remote Viewing and a few examples: Remote viewing Camp 2015


Emotional pictures are easier to “see”:

mecta devocki

The best book on 9/11. It is downloadable in the Internet, although I recommend to buy the paper edition: 9-11 As A Mass Ritual


1.    Should we stop at certain levels of our search for truth? No.
2.    Does our ignorance about a topic have to do with the relevance of it? No.
3.    Is the moral law (do right, not wrong> The Golden Rule) the fundamental law of human nature? Yes.
4.    Do we live in a system run by and for psychopaths? Yes.
5.    Is unchecked information from system media highly likely to contain lies? Yes.
6.    Do we need animal products to conduct a happy and healthy life? No.
7.    Are there indigenous people based on veganism? No.
8.    But isn’t vegan (clean food) lifestyle (which started with the Jain protest against the instrumentalisation of animal sacrifices 2500 years ago) in our civilized conditions the best way to help to overcome the satanic system due to the many benefits (health, environment, politics, ethics, awareness)? Yes.

My first documented trace of “missionary” work of anti-globalism dates back to 2003 and India: Coimbatore 2003

The first access to ancient secrets occurred in 1986 in Egypt:


One of the best German activists in English, December 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_B1C22BWq8