Relevant revelations

18 of the most relevant revelations thanks to the free media

– difficult to deny, hard to accept

  1. 9/11 was not only an inside job but much more, leading to the three pillars of the NWO (which Microsoft auto-corrects into NOW), Egypt and more. Psy-op.
  2. The Great Pyramid of Cheops. In 2018, a new discovery was made! At least easy to disprove the official versions.
  3. The media The Easter bunny syndrome, info war, labeling, manipulation. Free media! Follow the money. Military-media-industrial complex. Democracy fraud.
  4. The modern banking system and its roots in the Middle East, run by the world power elite. FED! Ubuntu video. Michael Tellinger.
  5. WWI and WWII as a project run by the world power elite (incl. Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Mao as parts of this project etc.). Actually: the WW in part I, II, III.
  6. The Great Eurasian Chessboard. Mackinder. Geopolitics. Inclusive vs. exclusive.
  7. The Venice connection, from where the “golden thread” of the occult bloodlines becomes visible. Jesuits. The Holy See. Invention of modern politics.
  8. Child abuse in the power elite. Satanic elite. Ole Dammegard.
  9. Psychopathocracy: The project of Armageddon, apocalyptic sectarianism, secret societies, Israel, Chabad, 1492, 1666. Long term planning eschatology, helping God.
  10. Geoengineering, MK Ultra, ecologism. Chemtrails. Masses deny it.
  11. Food: The history and politics of the conglomerate of Big Sugar, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Agriculture (GMO), lobbycracy
  12. Multiculturalism, political correctness reveals the new totalitarianism, Orwellian inversion and doublespeak. NWO
  13. EU, replacement migration, Africa: Kalergi, Hooton, Barnett, Soros, depopulation
  14. The USA: genocide, foundation, 93% at war, false flag record, CIA, JFK, Cold War
  15. Nuclear energy, waste problem alone is an eternal problem, Fukushima, modern warfare, WW III, depleted uranium weapons
  16. The craziest of all: the lethargy and hostility among the masses of educated people towards these topics, questions, sources, free thinking, idealism, attempts to save the world: MK, Bernays
  17. Rational foundation of ethics. 150 billion sentient beings tortured and murdered every year – without necessity. Normal? No, satanism. Wake up to veganism. The Swiss army knife for the global problems. Philipp Wollen: Animals should be off the menu
  18. Holistic science: Tesla, Remote Viewing, mind over matter, spirit, consciousness11032265_1196417833719418_4797535898696790939_n

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